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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Southern Girls Shakespere!

In my life, I have always felt that we should always open our minds and experience things in life to its  fullest. But the endeavor that I have recently been involved in is something that I never would have partake in.  I am Audrey in the William Shakespeare play "As You Like It". What made me do it I really do not know other than finding more depth in myself as a performer.  I had recently performed this play at Cap 21 in New York City but soon will be performing it in the UK. As a person that has spent most of her life singing Patsy Cline, Wynonna and Reba McEntire, I am in such aw with the cast of this play. In my mind, they all have such amazing talent and to be a part of something like this is a great privilege. I will keep the update to everyone of how this all goes in the UK

Love Ashley

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