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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Good and Bad of Success

Lately I have been struggling in life with the things that I have always wanted. I have realized that the brink of my success was started by the number 3. The people started the foundation of this career! It was me, my mom Denise and father John! I was speaking to someone last night about my album and broke down crying because the album was made with love and family! It also made me reflect on the "old days". I remember my dad standing in the cold for the auditions while my mother did my makeup!! They were always there!! I always wanted my own record label and now that is coming to play as well! J_Dash  Records name came from the honor of three my dad ,god rest your soul, my mama and me!! But as I get older the journey took on more characters! Vance, my step father could never replace my dad but took the role as role model and friend.  He is always a positive voice when I am about  to throw my hands up in the air! Alan Lee, god rest his soul, taught me how to write and just have fun with it!!!  There is my love Scott!! He is only the blessing that keeps me strong! He has given me love and inspiration. The one person I forgot in this list  is Morty Craft. He is a legend that has taken me under his wing and taught me how to fly! He gave me a new confidence in my voice, myself and taught me how to create without any confinement!  The struggle with this though is loneliness! You reach out to your friends but no one realizes your journey unless they are walking in your shoes! Going back out to the road will relieve the problem !!