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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life after Death

When you are in tune with own thoughts, it becomes a very scary thing.  When you younger, you always live your life by the seat of your pants and never worry. People come and go, and you never notice it cause you are working on you not the world. One day you wake up and realize this factor when the ones that you love the most leave you and touch them or them any longer. Since I have been gone from Oklahoma City, every one that I left are no longer there. For different circumstances you do not go back for one reason or another.  But when you do not go home, you never receive the closure that is well deserved to put your mind at rest.  As weird as this sounds when I was in Oklahoma in May I  had to look at their gravestones for the first time and realize that they were gone.. I came home  to bury my grandfather so that closure was there. Almost two months after my visit there my state of mourning still lingers in my soul!! Am I holding on too long or am I justified?